Abby Tyre (Scholar '17) and Adrian Obleton (Scholar '17)

This past summer, I had the privilege of working with Adrian at Bain & Company. The two of us have a very special bond because we were the first ever Bain recruits directly from UGA undergrad. Beyond that, there were only 8 Associate Consultant Interns in total, and Bain did a wonderful job planning a plethora of social events for the interns including two lake weekends, biking on the Beltline, and braves ball games; this meant Adrian and I got to see each other a fair amount outside of the office this summer.

Because Adrian and I had already completed ILAD 4100 together, we had completed the journey of learning our individual strengths and weaknesses together. Having not just a co-worker, but a friend that I greatly looked up to in such close proximity, further enhanced my experience. I really look up to Adrian, and it was great to have him at Bain and continually have the chance to learn from each other. I am so thankful for the framework that ILA created that allowed Adrian and I to truly get to know ourselves and each other in a way we will both carry with us as we start full-time at Bain & Company in the same starting class on July 10th!

Anne Louise Portwood (Scholar '17) and Cameron Harris (Scholar '17)

Cameron and I were on a team of four marketing interns last summer at the Chick-fil-A, Inc. Support Center in Atlanta. The Leonard Scholars Program had brought us together as friends, but this was our first time collaborating on real projects in a corporate setting. While Chick-fil-A provided lots of support through mentorship and weekly check-ins, I could always bounce ideas off Cameron and candidly discuss how to navigate the new culture and responsibilities.

He and I worked together on two separate projects and held each other accountable to produce quality work that reflected our respective strengths. Our shared marketing and ILA backgrounds enabled us to work efficiently and enthusiastically and to process how the experience related to our ILA curriculum.

The marketing interns had by far the most fun, not only because of our enjoyable project work but the creative and positive dynamic within our group of four. I told everyone that he was the Michael Scott and I was the Jim Halpert, because we trusted each other and yet I could tease him constantly; after all, we were leading events like Cow Appreciation Day where fun is a must! A few highlights include learning how to cook chicken, Cameron learning to drive a big white van, wearing cow costumes several times, performing an original rap for Michael Lage (LLSP 2005) at the beginning of a presentation, serving 200 fathers and sons at the College Football Hall of Fame and Chick-fil-A Fan Experience's Father Son Ultimate Campout, riding on Dan Cathy's four wheelers, and celebrating the Chick-fil-A One app release on June 1. Of course, lots of real work was completed too, but it was all enhanced by understanding the spirit of Truett Cathy and Chick-fil-A's positive culture.

Kristen Mahan (Scholar '13)

Betsy Holman (Scholar '16) and I met at the UGA Career Fair at the Newell Brands booth, and we talked about ILA. Now, we are working together full-time on the Graco team at Newell Brands! ILA not only brings people together that are passionate about development and Terry as a whole, but it also opens up career opportunities. It's a memorable experience that stays with you and allows you to do things you otherwise couldn't.

Brittany Young (Scholar '13)

It was my Institute for Leadership Advancement family that helped me to find my “Cat Family,” as we often refer to ourselves at Cat Financial. The Leonard Leadership Scholars Program gave me the background and connections I needed to find the company that I am working for now, at a time that I felt I was struggling to find the kind of values based company I knew I wanted to pursue.

I still keep my Personal Development Leadership Profile at my desk and the coin in sight next to my computer. I so often use the tools we were taught to work through issues both at the office and at home that they've become a huge part of how I process challenges. To me, the ILA family is like extended family — there is deep connection and appreciation that reminds you of your roots, even if you don’t always see them as often as you like or connect as often as you know you should.